Innerspace – 2 x CD Complete Score – Special Edition – Jerry Goldsmith


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The complete score to Joe Dante’s 1987 sci-fi comedy. Innerspace. Long term associate composer Jerry Goldsmith provides an exhilarating score jammed with huge action cues. along with a sweeping and dynamic score utilising both keyboards and orchestra in a way only Goldsmith knows how. This is prehaps the most accomplished score from the composer in the period from 1985 to 1990. composing both Gremlins & Explorers around the same time. This special edition includes the complete score written including source cues and outtakes not used in the official release which is now long out of print. Spectactular!
Track Listing
CD1: The Movie Version
01. Main Title
02. Back Home
03. Lydia Leaves
04. Supermarket Nightmare
05. Let’s Get Small
06. Shrunk Sub
07. Lab Attack
08. The Chase
09. The Injection
10. Inside Jack Putter
11. The Dream Lady
12. Show Me The Way To The Eye
13. Environmental Adjust
14. Theistic Hysteria
15. The Truth
16. You’ll Be In My Heart
17. Jack And Tuck
18. Lydia’s Theme
19. Arrival Of The Cowboy
20. Jack’s Abduction
21. Into The Ice Van
22. Jack’s Escape
23. I’m A Dad
24. Injecting Mr. Igoe
25. Jack Putter To The Rescue
26. Little People – Inside Fight
27. Back To Normal Size
28. Have A Cigar
29. The Wedding – Finale

CD2: The Alternate Tracks
01. The Drink
02. Tuck And Lydia
03. Orange Haired Nightmare (Parts 1 & 2)
04. Let’s Get Small
05. Gas Attack
06. Bicycle Chase
07. The Mall Incident
08. Mission Begins
09. Entering Bloodstream
10. Environmental Adjust
11. Tuck Introduces Himself
12. Air Supply
13. A Quick Getaway
14. The Cowboy
15. Space Is A Flop
16. Truck Rescue
17. A Moment Alone
18. The Second Pod
19. Gut Reaction
20. Let’s Get Big
21. The Wedding
22. Jack Putter To The Rescue

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