Inferno - Original Score + Poster - (Red Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Keith Emerson

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INFERNO - Red vinyl - limited 300 INFERNO is a 1980 film by Dario Argento, generally considered one of the masterpiec- es of the Roman director. At that particular time, the artistic partnership established with Goblin, who wrote the soundtracks for ÒProfondo RossoÓ and ÒSuspiriaÓ, had es- sentially crumbled, while in the UK Emerson, Lake & Palmer had just disbanded; Argento was therefore able to make a dream come true: to collaborate with an artist from the English prog-rock scene. Keith Emerson was then invited to reach Dario Argento in Rome, to write, record, and direct the soundtrack of ÒInfernoÓ, which became his first solo LP. The result is an album that has made history and that will always have a special place in the hearts of horror films soundtracks fanatics. ÒInfernoÓ is, of course, lead by piano and orchestral scores, sometimes rushing, sometimes soft and delicate, depending on the mood of the scenes of the movie. The two songs ÒTaxi ride (home)Ó and ÒCigarettes, ices, etc.Ó stand out for their Ôrock soulÕ, due to the presence of a robust rhythm section. Reissued on vinyl by AMS Records in 2011, in an now-deleted edition, ÒInfernoÓ is now available again in a new version, on red vinyl and an exclusive 50x30cm poster.

Track Listing
Side A:
1.Inferno (main title theme )
2.Roses descent into the cellar
3.Taxi ride (home)
4.The library
5.Sarah in the library vaults
6.BookbinderÕs delight
7.Rose leves the apartment
8.Rose gets it

Side B:
9.ElisaÕs story
10.A cat attic attack
11.KazanianÕs tarantella
12.MarkÕs discovery
13.Mater tenebrarum
14.Inferno finale
15.Cigarettes, ices, etc.