Inferno - Complete Score - Keith Emerson

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Although often compared unfavorably to GoblinÕs music for SUSPIRIA, keyboardist Keith EmersonÕs score for the sequel, INFERNO, is every bit as in tune with the film, perfectly matching the mood and action. Unlike GoblinÕs heavy rhythms, shrieking vocals, and shrill synthesizers of the previous film, Emerson employs a much more subtle approach, weaving a score out of quiet piano motifs supported by orchestral arrangements, only occasionally reaching into his electronic bag of tricks for a more outre effect. A truly diversive and dark album and matches Argento's style & mood perfectly.
Track Listing
1. Inferno
2. Rose's Descent Into The Cellar
3. Taxi Ride
4. The Library
5. Sarah In The Library Vaults
6. Bookbinder's Delight
7. Rose Leaves The Apartment
8. Rose Gets It
9. Elisa's Story
10. A Cat Attic Attack
11. Kazanian's Tarantella
12. Mark's Discovery
13. Mater Tenebrarum
14. Inferno Finale
15. Cigarettes, Ices Etc