Inchon - Original Score - (Black Vinyl) - Jerry Goldsmith

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This magnificent score offers abundance of action, powerful percussive ideas, moving minor-key theme for Lim, aggressive battle ostinatos for tanks, trucks, other Korean War hardware. Centerpiece is dynamic march for MacArthur (Laurence Olivier). Patriotic idea is used judiciously during score, then becomes fully-realized, stirring finale. Another rousing highlight is exciting "Main Title", one of the composer's most pulsating, aggressive credit sequences of his career. Goldsmith signatures abound throughout! Goldsmith tackled scoring assignment in July 1980, when David Janssen had role. Production delays, severe editing of film followed. Final cut finally emerged two years later. Goldsmith music was probably the most memorable asset. Jerry Goldsmith conducts studio musicians, records in Italy.
Track Listing
Side A
01. Main Title 2:22
02. Resignation 2:10
03. The Bridge 3:30
04. The Church 3:57
05. The Mines 4:19
06. Task Force 3:06
Side B
07. Medley 2:13
08. Love Theme 3:00
09. The Tanks 3:41
10. Lim's Death 3:12
11. The Trucks 3:00
12. Inchon Theme 3:21