Inchiesta Sul Mondo - 2 x LP Complete Score - (Gatefold Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Riccardo A Luciani

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INCHIESTA SUL MONDO is a double experimental concept album, mainly electronic, on topical problems of the period in which he was released, ie middle 70Õs. The two records have two different arguments: STATI DÕANIMO (STATES ON MIND) and DIAGNOSI ECOLOGICA (ECOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS).
Maestro Luciani is a well-known artist in the library music scene. His very personal style is the result of musical studies from childhood that allowed him to achieve the diploma in composition, choral music, choral conducting, and other.
The avant-garde and contemporary classic approach links him to artists like Egisto Macchi. Another point of contact between the two is the label that produced this double album, AYNA, which Macchi was a partner of.
The album comes out with a minimal graphic design as the original but with heavy cardboard gatefold cover with an original photo of Maestro inside.

Disco 1
Side A:
Lacerante -
Lo Statico -
LÕintroverso -
L'ostinato (Con Percuss.) -
L'ostinato (Senza Percuss.) -
LÕoscuro -

Side B:
Interrogativo -
Il Riflessivo -
LÕinflessibile -
LÕastrale -
Tumbax 1e -
Tumbax 2e -

Disco 2:

Side C:
Tragedia Ecologica -
Pianeta Solitudine -
Potenza Distruttiva -
Regressione -
Mistica Della Natura

Side D:
Terra Di Nessuno -
Vita Di Nomadi -
Paesi DellÕInfanzia -
Involuzione -
Pavana Della Speranza