In Harm's Way - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Original soundtrack from massive Otto Preminger WWII movie with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, many others. Jerry Goldsmith tackles his biggest project to date (1965) with dynamic, exciting, passionate & ultimately powerful score. He even makes brief on-screen film appearance as naval musician on eve of Pearl Harbor attack! Highlights are many but action sequences standout, introducing listeners to what will become Goldsmith's signature military action style. "The Rock" remains an all-time action classic! Incredibly powerful finale ("First Victory") another highlight. Intrada presents CD for the first time from actual first-generation 2-track stereo album masters as originally presented by RCA Victor in 1965. Earlier SLC label CD was meld of tape copy & restored vinyl. (Additional music wasn't available as complete Paramount masters have long since been lost.) Original album as prepared by Goldsmith and producer Neely Plumb remains a genuine classic! Terrific Saul Bass cover artwork another asset! Jerry Goldsmith conducts. VERY RARE & SOUGHT AFTER ( SOLD OUT ! )
Track Listing
01. Love Theme from ÒIn HarmÕs WayÓ 2:30
02. Liz in HarmÕs Way 2:03
03. The Rock 1:35
04. Native Quarter 2:01
05. Goodbye 2:45
06. Positive Identification 1:33
07. Battle Theme from ÒIn HarmÕs WayÓ 2:28
08. Night on the Beach 2:08
09. Attack 2:05
10. The Rock and His Lady 2:50
11. Hawaiian Mood 2:00
12. Change of Command 3:28
13. Medley from ÒIn HarmÕs WayÓ:
Try Again, Moonburn 2:47
14. One-Way Ticket 1:49
15. First Victory 2:44