In Country - Complete Score - James Horner

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World premiere release of emotionally rich James Horner soundtrack for Norman Jewison film about soldier's reconciliation with Vietnam war and himself, starring Bruce Willis, Emily Lloyd. Dramatic, moving tale inspires Horner to write music with great melodic depth. Haunting minor-key trumpet solo often gets deserved spotlight. Line remains one of Horner's finest. Military backdrop plus tender friendship in story also inspire ideas both reflective, dramatic. "Three Generations" (both as piano solo & piano with orchestra) is incredibly tender piece. Another highlight is elegiac 10-minute "Fallen Friends". Beautiful music! Intrada presents complete score from original two-track stereo session mixes, courtesy Warner Bros. and Watertower Music. "The Album" offers 39-minute program originally produced by composer in 1989 for possible release on Warner Bros. label. "The Extras" feature additional cues not included on album. James Horner conducts.
Track Listing
The Album
01. Distant Memories 5:04
02. Dwayne's Letters 2:45
03. Faraway Thoughts 3:59
04. Three Generations (Piano Solo) 2:49
05. The Letter Home 2:37
06. In Country 6:52
07. Emmett 2:30
08. The Vietnam Memorial 2:11
09. Fallen Friends 10:04
      Total Album Time: 39:18
The Extras
10. First Flashback 0:54
11. Finding Photo 0:46
12. Just A Country Boy 1:12
13. The Vietnam Memorial 1:03
14. Three Generations (Piano with Orchestra) 2:48
15. Family Supper 1:14
16. Family Supper 1:15
17. The Storm 2:33
      Total Extras Time: 12:04