Il Profumo Della Signora In Nero - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Nicola Piovani

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The music for The Perfume of the Lady in Black is composed by Nicola Piovani whose approach to the score recalls the filmÕs main influence, RosemaryÕs Baby. A simple, haunting lullaby plays an almost Hitchcockian role in solving the mystery: it is eventually identified as the theme played by SilviaÕs favorite toy from her childhood. The arrangements range from the original music box version to a demented carnivalesque take and everything in-between. A piece by Mozart is also included in the program.
Beat Records released a single with two cues in 1974, and eight tracks of the score was previously released on CD by Beat Records in the mid-nineties. In 2014, an LP version by Death Waltz was issued as part of a Record Store Day campaign. This release by Quartet Records expands the program to include for the first time the complete score. Mastered by Enrico De Gemini, the package includes a 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai, who discuss the film, the composer and the score.

Track Listing
01. Mimsy (2:46)
02. Il profumo della signora in nero (2:07)
03. RondoÕ in Mib Magg. K371 (Mozart) (3:21)
04. Mimsy (2:22)
05. SilviaÕs Nightmare (1:53)
06. Mimsy (3:26)
07. Silvia (1:57)
08. Mimsy End (1:37)
09. Il profumo della signora in nero (2:09)
10. Mimsy (1:41)
11. Silvia (2:36)
12. ll profumo della signora in nero (3:09)
13. Scaring Little Girl (2:30)
14. Il profumo della signora in nero (2:18)
15. Scaring Little Girl (5:01)
16. Mimsy (2:02)
17. Scaring Little Girl (2:21)
18. Silvia (1:39)
19. Mimsy (1:38)
20. Mimsy End (1:53)
Total Disc Time: 49:31