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Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark - Studio Album - (Black Vinyl) - Goblin

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Another non-soundtrack album Il fantastico viaggio del ÒbagarozzoÓ Mark, from 1978, was the only Goblin album entirely sung (in Italian), the others being instrumental only. ItÕs a concept album about the ÒFantastic journey of Mark, the cockroachÓ.
This may sound quite funny and weird, but ÒIl fantastico viaggioÓ simply is a great prog album, surely the most symphonic of the Goblin production, it alternates the usual gloomy and scary Goblin sound with some nice acoustic interludes.
Goblin also played some live dates to promote the LP, a rather strange thing for a group who didnÕt had a strong live activity at all!

Track Listing

1. Mark Il Bagarozzo
2. e Cascate Di Viriana
3. Terra Di Goblin
4. Un Ragazzo D'Argento
5. La Danza
6. Opera Magnifica
7. Notte
8. ..... E Suono Rock