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Il Corpo - Original Score - (Black Vinyl + CD) - Limited Edition - Piero Umiliani

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"Il corpo" is the last one of Luigi Scattini's trilogy, which started with "La ragazza dalla pelle di luna" (1972) and then continued with "La ragazza fuoristrada" (1973). Umiliani's music privileges jazz and funky moods, dominated by the Hammond organ and wah wah, alternated with languid and almost "sleazy" instrumental ballads. This soundtrack finds its strength in melancholy, but also in drama and tension.
Piero Umiliani is one of those typically prolific Italian film composers, and he worked on some excellent pictures: often sexy ones. His work for Luigi ScattiniÕs Il Corpo is a funky, sleaze-infused selection of pieces, clearly wearing itÕs 70Õs origins on itÕs sleeve. CD + LP reissue on Schema.

Track Listing

1. Hard Times
2. Free Life
3. Stream
4. Princess
5. The Body
6. Desert Island
7. Dusken
8. Chaser
9. Tidal Stream
10. White Sand
11. In The End
12. Princess
13. The Body
14. Desert Island / Alternative Takes:
15. Free Life (vocal)
16. Stream (alternative)
17. Princess (alternative)
18. In The Village
19. Savana
20. Stream (alternative intro)
21. In The End (instrumental)