Ice Station Zebra -Complete Score - Michel Legrand

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Michel Legrand was best-known for pop-based scores like The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and The Thomas Crown Affair, but was no less creative and dynamic in the symphonic Hollywood idiom (The Three Musketeers). His score for Ice Station Zebra is at once epic yet also offbeat, with powerful main themes dressed in an intricate web of mystery and suspense. The film is first and foremost a military story, but in Legrand's hands it becomes almost like a Cold War ballet, with a polished, artistic sheen to its danger. Legrand himself provided the terrific orchestrations and conducted the 75-piece orchestra in a five-channel stereo recording.
Ice Station Zebra was released on LP at the time of the film, a 30:14 program reissued on CD by Pendulum Entertainment Group in 1997 (now out-of-print). FSM's premiere release of the complete score runs 79:20 (including deleted cues), is resequenced into film order, and remixed from the original master elements for significantly improved sound. It is the definitive presentation of the Ice Station Zebra soundtrack.
Track Listing
Overture 2:48
Main Title/Satellite/Jones Arrives/All Aboard 10:17
Voyage Starts/Russian Trawler 7:25
Wrong Bunk/The Mysterious Rendezvous 6:39
Opaque Water 1:45
Under the Ice 4:58
Bring Her Up/Tigerfish Hits Ice/Intermission Card 3:30
Entr'Acte/Crewman Falls Into Crevasse/Tigerfish Submerges 12:10
Jones Searches Meteorology Lab 4:45
Unidentified Aircraft/Russian Planes 2:02
Jones Finds Detector 2:41
Anders Shot 3:17
Russian Paratroops Land 2:33
Vaslov Opens Capsule 2:38
Ostrovsky and Ferraday Face Each Other/Colored Smoke/Balloon Explodes/End Title and Credits 12:01
Total Time: 79:20