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I Due Volti Della Paura - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Franco Micalizzi

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For the first time on CD two original scores composed and conducted by Franco Micalizzi: "Sei jellato amico, hai incontrato Sacramento" (aka "You're Jinxed, Friend, You've Met Sacramento") and "I due volti della paura" (aka "The two Faces of Terror"). These two OSTs were released on the top rare Pegaso Library Series. This CD was realized using the stereophonic master tape of the original 33 rpm albums that has been preserved in the Rca Archives until today.During the early '70s many Giallo movies were released in the theatres with music scores by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Franco Micalizzi composed an OST with sound typical for that period. After an introduction of a classical flavoured Adagio, the main theme is developed with a Beat arrangement vocalized by Edda Dell'Orso.
Track Listing
Sei Iellato Amico Hai Incontrato Sacremento
1. Sacramento I
2. Il Cielo Negli Occhi
3. Senza Paura
4. Masticando Tabacco
5. Sacramento Ii
6. Mexico
7. Immaginazione
8. Salvezza
9. Jesus We Love You
10. Colline Verdi
11. Do You Remember The Moon?
12. Hernandez
13. Senza Via Duscita
14. Il Cielo Negli Occhi Ii
15. Sacramento Iii
I Due Volti Della Paura
16. Sospetto (Titoli Di Testa)
17. Al Campo Di Golf (Il Lato Romantico)
18. Con La Mente A Dio
19. Gimkana
20. Al Campo Di Golf (Versione Beat)
21. Una Corsa Verso La Verita'
22. Sospetto (Il Lato Romantico)
23. Ansia Disperata
24. Il Lato Romantico
25. Tensione Sommessa
26. Beat For Two
27. Sospetto
28. Pedinamento