HUD/The Lonely Man - Complete Score - Elmer Bernstein

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For this first ever release of the score to Hud, we present not only the film version of the score, but also the alternate version scored for chamber orchestra, as well as some source music cues. It was a wonderful discovery to find it on the session masters housed in the Paramount vaults, and the tapes were in excellent condition. Nathan Van CleaveÕs score is a major discovery, as youÕll hear on this CD. Van Cleave had been at Paramount for years, orchestrating some of their biggest hits. But he was also an expert composer, and over the years he turned in wonderful scores for such films as The Colossus of New York, The Space Children and Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and provided music for such classic TV shows as The Twilight Zone, Wagon Train, Have Gun Ð Will Travel, Perry Mason and I Spy.

For The Lonely Man, Van Cleave came up with a beautiful main theme, for which Jack Brooks provided lyrics; Tennessee Ernie Ford sings the song in the film. The score has real depth and its secondary themes are dramatic, elegiac and poignant, giving the film a strong spine. The Lonely Man is a world premiere release on CD and is presented complete from tapes housed in the Paramount vaults. A few cues were taken from the music stem. We hope youÕll enjoy discovering this really terrific music.
Track Listing
Film Version
¥ Prelude
Flower Bed
Quarantine Sign
Lonely Corrals
Alternate Version
for Chamber Orchestra
¥ Prelude
Flower Bed
Quarantine Sign
¥ Lonely Corrals
Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein
¥ Paramount Seal/Prelude/The Lonely Man*
(sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford)
The Prodigal Father*
The Trek Part 1*/Burn and Beware*/The Cold Deck
The Trek Part 2*
The Trek Part 3*
¥ Scorned at the Stable/Hate Makes Him Evil
¥ The White Stallion*/AdaÕs Advice*
Losing the Stallion*
Signs of Blindness*
Still the Boss*
The Informer/The Canvas Corral*/
First Fight at the Canvas Corral
Something to Think About/Into a Trap
Then There Were Two/To the Rescue With Love
The Deserted Bonanza
Tension at the Bonanza*
Death at the Bonanza/Finale*
The Lonely Man* (sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford)
Composed and Conducted by Nathan Van Cleave
*Contains ÒThe Lonely ManÓ
by Jack Brooks and Nathan Van Cleave
Hud Bonus tracks
BonaparteÕs Retreat (Pee Wee King)
One Dozen Roses
(Roger Lewis, ÒCountryÓ Joe Washburn,
Dick Jurgens and Walter Donovan)
In the Sweet By-and-By
(Joseph P. Webster and Sanford Fillmore Bennett)
Hud Trailer (William Kraft)