Homeward Bound - Complete Score - SOLD OUT) - Bruce Broughton

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One of Intrada's earliest Bruce Broughton soundtracks gets a complete makeover! More than twice the music now! Broughton scores this Walt Disney Pictures classic, Duwayne Dunham directs, Robert Hays, Kim Greist star, Michael J. Fox, Don Ameche, Sally Field provide voices for two dogs and one cat. Warmhearted 1993 tale is a remake of Disney's own 1963 live-action adaptation of Sheila Burnford's novel chronicling the incredible journey three house pets make to reunite with their owners. Broughton anchors outdoor tale with expansive, diatonic main theme, but judiciously holds back on it until perilous journey gets underway. Ideas both humorous, dramatic play first and throughout. Initial 30-minute CD release captured several highlights but necessarily omitted many sequences. Amongst new material is powerful "Sassy In The River", dramatic "Shadow's A Hero", complete dog pound escape sequence with rousing interpolation of Lalo Schifrin's "Mission: Impossible" theme, intense "Shadow's Fall", wild "Birdzilla", many others. Entire CD presented from two-track digital stereo session masters made by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios Scoring Stage in November 1992, vaulted in pristine condition courtesy Disney. Informative liner notes by Jeff Bond plus flipper-style booklet design and colorful graphics from Joe Sikoryak. Bruce Broughton conducts.

Track Listing
01. My Name Is Chance (4:45)
02. SassyÕs Shrimp (1:09)
03. The Cake (0:45)
04. Flying Pussy (2:05)
05. Left Alone (1:32)
06. ShadowÕs Confusion No. 1 (0:28)
07. Birdzilla (0:56)
08. The Note (0:38)
09. The Journey Begins (2:59)
10. WhereÕs The House? (2:23)
11. Gives Me The Creeps (1:48)
12. Breakfasting With Bears (1:12)
13. Fording The Stream/Sassy In The River (5:21)
14. ShadowÕs Confusion No. 2 (0:27)
15. Breakfast (0:58)
16. The Kids Find Out (1:09)
17. Sassy Wakes Up (0:43)
18. The Cougar! (Original) (4:17)
19. Reunion (1:56)
20. You Got My Lip!! (0:33)
21. Who Made These? (2:52)
22. ShadowÕs A Hero (1:54)
23. We Found Them (0:56)
24. Mission: Impossible+ (3:42)
25. A Funny Feeling (0:52)
26. We Made It (1:11)
27. ShadowÕs Fall (3:18)
28. Reunited (4:23)
29. Homeward Bound (Revised) (5:03)
      Total Time: 61:21

The Extras

30. The Cougar! (Revised)* (4:17)
31. Homeward Bound (Original)* (5:03)
      Total Extras Time: 9:23
*Not Featured In Film
+Contains ÒTheme From Mission: ImpossibleÓ
written by Lalo Schifrin