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Hollow Man - Original Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Paul Verhoeven's wonderful interpretation of The Invisible Man from 2000, Hollow Man. Again utilising the legendary talent of the late Jerry Goldsmith, he was once to have stated that this score was one of his best and pushed himself to write something spectacular. Goldsmith and Verhoeven were a perfect match, this is a magnificent score and a huge loss to film music in general.
Track Listing
The Hollow Man (3:02)
Isabelle Comes Back (6:04)
Linda & Sebastian (2:57)
This is Science (6:17)
Not Right (2:42)
What Went Wrong? (1:44)
Broken Window (3:01)
False Image (1:58)
Hi Boss (2:49)
Find Him (4:38)
Bloody Floor (9:57)
The Elevator (3:01)
The Big Climb (3:06)