Hollow Man – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited Edition – Jerry Goldsmith

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World premiere complete 2-CD release of thrilling Jerry Goldsmith sci-fi score! Paul Verhoeven directs aggressive experiment-goes-awry thriller, Andrew W. Marlowe scripts, Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon, Josh Brolin, Kim Dickens head cast, Columbia Pictures presents. Molecular experiment allowing laboratory ape to become invisible is successful. Tight-knit group of responsible scientists celebrates, then when human subject undergoes treatment, all goes dramatically awry. Gifted (or cursed) with extraordinary power, Sebastian (Bacon) turns to evil, allows jealousy and murderous instincts to flourish while undetectable. Former girlfriend (Shue) and competitive researcher (Brolin) fight time and science to unlock secrets and stop Sebastian from his evil rampage. Customary for Verhoeven, wild strokes of vivid mayhem and graphic violence eventually command the spotlight. Frequent collaborator Jerry Goldsmith creates one of his lengthiest scores of all time, brings incredible energy to picture utilizing wall-to-wall music. Composer enjoys opportunity to fashion strong overall musical architecture with well-developed thematic material. Primary theme plays early in opening credits (“The Hollow Man”) as sinuous line winding above lean, plucked harp figure. Goldsmith also offers strong, forward-moving rhythmic idea for suspenseful scientific experiments plus numerous episodes of gentle mystery and uneasy suspense. But it is Goldsmith’s forceful, ferocious action music that commands, dominates, rules the day! Scored for large orchestra, Goldsmith unleashes charged rhythmic energy with numerous intense cues, legendary scoring mixer Bruce Botnick captures each with snarling, edged crispness. Brass are especially punchy! Previous album yielded generous selection of highlights but this Intrada restoration features over half an hour of previously unreleased score plus another 45 minutes of alternates! Goldsmith recorded an unusually large amount of pickups and inserts to be edited into existing cues, sometimes significantly altering tone or texture, changing endings or beginnings, resulting in changes both dramatic and subtle. Instead of simply including them as extras by themselves, Intrada assembles all of these revised bars onto their full-length respective cues. Listeners can select their preferred versions or play them all. The extras alone play as a complete album! New highlights abound amongst new material but oft-requested early action cue “Chasing Isabelle” stands out, with pulsating left-hand piano in energetic Rambo-ish manner! Two completely different takes of the previously unreleased “Wet Attack” also grab attention! Entire 2-CD assembled from original digital stereo mixes provided by Botnick. Flipper-style cover art designed by Kay Marshall plus informative booklet notes by Jeff Bond complete exciting package. Bruce Botnick records at Abbey Road Studios in London, Alexander Courage orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith composes, conducts.
Track Listing
CD 1 Complete Score 01. The Hollow Man (2:58) 02. Lady In The Window (0:40) 03. I’m A Genius (0:36) 04. Chasing Isabelle (2:04) 05. Isabelle Comes Back (6:00) 06. Linda & Sebastian (2:54) 07. This Is Science (6:16) 08. I Liked It (1:41) 09. The Buttons (Revised) (3:28) 10. Coffee Break (1:18) 11. Not Right (4:50) 12. What Went Wrong? (1:41) 13. In The Mirror (1:03) 14. Why Not? (0:58) 15. I Can’t See Him (4:31) 16. I Liked It #2 (1:37) 17. Not Yet (0:50) 18. Broken Window (2:57) 19. He’s Here (3:13) 20. Dead Dog (1:31) 21. False Image (1:59) 22. Late Meeting (0:36) 23. Hi Boss (2:53) 24. No Code (4:05) 25. Find Him (Revised) (4:55) 26. Bloody Floor (5:13) 27. Linda Takes Action (4:47) CD 1 Total Time: 76:37
CD 2 Complete Score (Continued) 01. Wet Attack (Revised) (1:23) 02. The Elevator (2:56) 03. The Big Climb (Revised) (3:09) 04. The Hollow Man (End Credits) (7:16) Score (Continued) Time: 14:49 Complete Score Total Time: 91:26
The Extras 05. Chasing Isabelle (Alternate) (2:07) 06. Isabelle Comes Back (Alternate) (6:00) 07. Linda & Sebastian (Alternate) (2:54) 08. This Is Science (Album Version) (6:20) 09. The Buttons (2:13) 10. I Can’t See Him (Alternate) (4:14) 11. Not Yet (Revised) (0:41) 12. Broken Window (Revised #1) (2:53) 13. Broken Window (Revised #2) (2:53) 14. He’s Here (Revised) (3:13) 15. Find Him (4:36) 16. Bloody Floor (Revised) (4:45) 17. Wet Attack (1:10) 18. The Big Climb (3:06) Total Extras Time: 47:24 CD 2 Total Time: 62:29

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