Hellbound Hellraiser II - Original Score - Christopher Young

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The score to Hellbound - Hellraiser II, edges out the original as one of the finest horror scores, not only because it has a much higher impact - you can't fail to be stirred by blistering choral writing, even if it does come ever so close to excess on a occasion - but the scope is just that much greater and despite the album's generous length, there is hardly a weak spot. The music box and circus type theme might seen clich≈Ω now, but I can't think of many horror scores before Hellbound that made use of such an idea. Perhaps the score's greatest strength is that, although there is little in the way of obviously more upbeat material, the tapestry of the score as a whole contains glimmers of light, so there is a little more balance and the listener doesn't feel swamped in constant gothic melodrama. Even more than the original, an essential horror classic.
Track Listing
1. Hellbound/Second Sight Seance (7:29)
2. Looking Through a Woman (5:30)
3. Something to Think About (4:26)
4. Skin Her Alive (1:47)
5. Stringing the Puppet (4:56)
6. Hall of Mirrors (7:47)
7. Dead or Living? (2:51)
8. Leviathan (3:25)
9. Sketch with Fire (2:56)
10. Chenical Entertainment (6:36)
11. Obscene Kiss (5:00)
12. Headless Wizard (5:33)
13. What's Your Pleasure? (3:11)

14. Highpoint Main Title (1:44)
15. Over the Edge (1:03)
16. The Kendo Duel (0:50)
17. Love Scene (1:09)
18. Up the Stairs (2:13)
19. Highfall (1:43)
20. Love Theme (End Title) (3:47