Helen Of Troy - 2 x CD Complete Score - Limited Edition - Max Steiner

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This is one of the finest and most underrated scores produced by Max Steiner or any other composer of the Golden Age of Film Music. Its appearance in the mid-fifties and the negative reviews of the movie in general, along with the fact that other film scores by both Steiner and his contemporaries gained much more attention, caused this particular effort to be overshadowed. From its lush opening theme which combined that of Paris's thunder with Helen's lyricism to the inevitable tragic ending, Steiner created a broad canvas of themes that successfully highlighted all the major players and the action of conflict. From Helen's love theme ("One Wish"), Menelaus' blustering, Achilles' arrogance, Athena's overriding ominous presence, to dances, battle music, and a host of general background music, Steiner created a full symphonic score that was almost operatic. Indeed, there is one scene where Helen and her handmaiden are bringing items of food and clothing to Paris and the underscored music sounds as though it were from TURANDOT. Since it would have been impossible to recreate music from the Mycenaean Age, Steiner had no other choice but to create a "flavor" of the time employing the vocabulary of his own expertise and the demands of a Hollywoood movie. He succeeded superbly. Unfortunately it took some 40 years for a complete score to appear! The way Steiner varied his themes and created variations on them resulted in an harmonious and most satisfying whole. The music that one hears at the end of the film, while Paris is mortally wounded and Helen embraces him for the last time, brings the unforgettable love theme between Helen and the Trojan prince to a most moving conclusion. Anyone who loves the music of Max Steiner and others of the Golden Age should have this CD in his/her collection.

Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Overture (05:37)
2. Main Title / Troy / Cassandra's Warning / Paris Sails For Sparta / Storm At Sea / Paris Washed Up On Shore / Helen Appears! (12:42)
3. Helen Talks To The Soldiers / The Sea Has Damaged Your Appearance / The Magic Of The Moon (08:34)
4. The Cestine / Paris' Fights / Helen, Wife Of Menelaus / Helen's Room / Menelaus Enters / Call Me Husband / Paris Escapes From The Palace (06:29)
5. Escape On The Cliffs / Love Scene / Paris And Helen Jump Into The Sea (07:11)
6. Spartan Orgy / Helen Gone! / Menelaus Breaks Into Helen's Room / Paris And Helen Sail For Troy / Welcome To Troy / Helen Of Troy! (11:07)

Disc 2
1. Preparations For War - The God Of War - The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships - Prelude To Battle - The First Battle - Polydouris' Funeral (21:18)
2. Night Raids / Helen And Paris Beside The Pool / Helen Decides To Return To The Greeks / Paris Dreams / Greek Deception / Paris Rescues Helen (11:02)
3. Achilles Battles Hector / Death Of Hector / Death Of Achilles / The Greeks Leave Troy / The Wooden Horse (12:41)
4. The Final Battle / Death Of Paris / Finale (11:44)
Total Duration: 01:48:25