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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Capitol Records and Universal Music Entertainment, present a 2-CD set with a revised, remastered, slightly expanded edition of scores for two landmark made-for-television filmscomposed by John Williams (STAR WARS, E.T., JURASSIC PARK, HOOK) between 1968 and 1970.
Both of these adaptations of classic stories were presented by Omnibus Productions and directed by Delbert Mann, and both also earned Emmy® Awards for John Williams’ original music. Through these scores, the composer shaped the destinies of two classic literary characters as well as his own.
Every effort was made to locate surviving audio elements for both HEIDI and JANE EYRE. The discovery of the original ½″ four-track masters from HEIDI containing all of the cues selected for the 1968 narrated story album facilitated an attentive new mix of the music and a presentation in narrative order. The narration record was newly transferred by Universal Music Group and is presented after the musical score.
For JANE EYRE, a new high-resolution transfer of the 1971 ¼″ stereo album master was provided by Universal Music Group, with audio then fully restored. This is followed by four tracks of additional material, including a short segment of source music that is heard in the film but was not on the album. The other three tracks are alternate performances of three selections recorded for the album, “To Thornfield,” “Restoration” and the “Love Theme.” This material was sourced from two ½″ 3-track tapes that were discovered at Twentieth Century Fox in early 2019. While no additional score cues could be located, the recovery of any new material from this enduring and highly regarded John Williams work is most welcome.
The entire collection has been painstakingly remixed, restored, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino, preserving all the freshness of the original recording. The package includes a 28-page full-color booklet with in-depth liner notes by film music writer John Takis and classy art direction by Jim Titus.
Track Listing
Disc 1. HEIDI
Original Motion Picture Score
1. Overture (Theme From ‘Heidi’) 2:21 2. Arrival In Dörfli 3:12 3. To The Alm 2:00 4. Goat’s Milk 1:36 5. At The Church :57 6. Meditation Rock 2:20 7. Dinner Table :47 8. Stealing Rolls 1:10 9. The Bedroom 1:55 10. Library Talk 1:24 11. Return To Dörfli 2:56 12. Montage 1:34 13. Waiting With Grandfather 1:35 14. Separation 3:28 15. The Farewell 3:52 16. Klara Walks 3:51
Total Score Presentation: 35:27
1968 Original Soundtrack With Dialogue and Narration
17. Main Title And Overture 2:21 (John Williams and Orchestra) 18. The Old Man And The Child 2:49 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 19. A Place Of My Own 3:35 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 20. The Alm 3:39 (Jennifer Edwards) 21. The Sleeping Child 2:22 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 22. Meditation 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 23. A Place Of My Own (Heidi’s Theme) 2:41 (Carri Chase, Vocal) 24. Shadows 3:51 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 25. Reflections 4:16 (Jennifer Edwards) 26. A New Dimension 1:56 (Sir Michael Redgrave, Jennifer Edwards) 27. The Nature Of Things 2:25 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 28. Love Theme From ‘Heidi’ 2:54 (John Williams and Orchestra) 29. The Miracle 2:55 (Sir Michael Redgrave) 30. Finale And End Title 1:05 (Sir Michael Redgrave)
Total Soundtrack Album: 39:20
Original Soundtrack Album
1. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ 3:17 2. Overture (Main Title) 3:57 3. Lowood 2:28 4. To Thornfield 1:53 5. Festivity At Thornfield 2:11 6. Grace Poole And Mason’s Arrival 3:03 7. Meeting 3:09 8. Thwarted Wedding 2:40 9. Across The Moors 2:39 10. Restoration 3:58 11. Reunion (End Title) 4:25
Total Soundtrack Album: 34:06
Additional Music
12. More Festivity :44 13. To Thornfield (Alternate) 1:54 14. Restoration (Alternate) 3:56 15. The Love Theme From ‘Jane Eyre’ (Alternate) 3:19
Total Additional Music: 10:02

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