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Heartbeeps - Expanded Score - John Williams

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For those collectors old enough to remember the first run of films like Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Superman, Heartbeeps most definitely holds special meaning. The score was written concurrent to the likes of The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and E.T. (1982). Heartbeeps was released by Universal Pictures in 1981. It starred Andy Kaufman (as Val Com 17485 Ð a robot designed for valet service with a speciality in lumber commodities) and Bernadette Peters (as Aqua Com 89045 Ð a hostess companion robot designed to assist at poolside parties). Also along was the voice of Jack Carter (Catskil) delivering the "low power" jokes of Henny Youngman, plus Randy Quaid, Kenneth McMillan and Dick Miller. The story was a simple one. Two robots (Val and Aqua) who have been stored at a factory awaiting repairs decide to do some exploring one night. With Catskill at their side they highjack a company van. Shortly thereafter a malfunctioning and prone to overreaction law enforcement robot called CrimeBuster takes up pursuit. After crashing the van, Val and Aqua build themselves somewhat of a child (Phil Co) from spare parts and then set out on foot. After various perilous encounters in the wilderness and a few run-ins with CrimeBuster, Val and AquaÕs powerpacks begin to give out, but not before the two realise that an unbreakable bond has formed between them. When they do ultimately run out of power they are retrieved by the factory personnel who have been searching for them. When all attempts at wiping the robot's memories fail, there are junked. The film closes with our family of robots finding true happiness in the junkyard. Brimming with melody and incorporating a good deal more electronics than any of his other work, John Williams' Heartbeeps is an absolute joy. The CD, featuring nearly fifty-five minutes of music, represents the legendary composer from perhaps the most remarkable phase of his career.
Track Listing
01. Main Title
02. Beautiful, IsnÕt It
03. Thunderstorm
04. Seeing The Rainbow
05. Projected Trip
06. Sneaking Out
07. ValÕs First Drive
08. Crimebuster
09. Phil Is Born
10. In The Woods
11. Come Phil!
12. ItÕs A Camel
13. The Love Scene
14. Crimebuster Follows
15. Crimebuster Breaks Up Party
16. Domestic Spat
17. The Junkyard
18. Raccoon Chasing
19. CrimebusterÕs Shadow
20. To The Factory
21. Val And Phil
22. Catskill Rests
23. Going To Sleep
24. Domestic Bliss
25. Crimebuster Always Gets His Man
26. End Credits