Hawkins On Murder/Winter Kills/Babe - Complete Scores - Jerry Goldsmith

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Three dynamic TV scores by Jerry Goldsmith on one CD. HAWKINS ON MURDER is coutroom drama with James Stewart. Goldsmith begins with intense jabbing figures for initial crime scene, adds hip rhythm, launches snappy main theme. Tender material in middle of score highlights. WINTER KILL is grim police thriller with Andy Griffith. Synthesizer plays western-ish main theme over rousing motor rhythms for guitar, woodwind, percussion. When melody reappears at finale, Goldsmith turns to warm solo trumpet over strings. Layers of suspense music sandwiched in between. BABE is Emmy award-winning score for drama about Babe Didrickson Zaharias, "the greatest woman athelete in the world", played by Susan Clark. Goldsmith draws on solo colors, sensitive themes. Beautiful main theme captures Babe's inner warmth, points towards her tragic death. Livlier muted brass, piano figures dominate montages. Transparent string writing - an early Goldsmith trademark - highlights moving score. All three scores presented complete, in stereo from original master elements. Detailed booklet notes chronicle history of each production. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Fans of his seventies music will be delirious. Bullseye!
Track Listing
01. Hawkins: The Bodies/Main Title/No Tourist Attractions/A Stranger in the House/The Beach/All That Can Be Done (05:08)
02. Hawkins: No Worries/It Won't Happen/A Couple of Kids/Sarabande (07:03)
03. Hawkins: A Strange Freedom/A Second Time (03:30)
04. Hawkins: Julia's Confession/End Title (01:05)
05. Winter Kill: Number One (03:56)
06. Winter Kill: Main Title/The Cigar (03:56)
07. Winter Kill: The Village/Number Three/Late Visit (03:22)
08. Winter Kill: Late Arrival/What's in a Name/I'm Worried/A New Killer (04:35)
09. Winter Kill: Shootout (02:07)
10. Winter Kill: Fatherless Child (01:41)
11. Babe: Theme (02:27)
12. Babe: Babe/High Off the Hog (03:34)
13. Babe: The Team/Where Is It (02:54)
14. Babe: Sick Nun (03:06)
15. Babe: You Bet Ya/It's Late/I Do (03:23)
16. Babe: Round Trip/Morning Edition (02:12)
17. Babe: On the Green/Can She?/WPGA/Outpatient (02:00)
18. Babe: No Changes/Sudden Pain (02:33)
19. Babe: Always a Winner (04:11)
20. Bonus Track: When You've Gone Away (04:47)
From "Babe". Lyrics by Carol Heather. Vocal unknown
21. Bonus Track: Missing Gun/Red Snow/Which One/Number Two (03:52)
From "Winter Kill"
22. Bonus Track: More Clues (01:25)
From "Winter Kill"
23. Bonus Track: Final Victim/Special Delivery (04:17)
From "Winter Kill"
24. Bonus Track: Main Title (01:16)
From "Hawkins"