Hammett - Complete Score - John Barry

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Director Wim Wenders made his American film bow with the ultra-stylish "Hammett." Based on the speculative novel by Joe Gores, the story concerns real-life detective novelist Dashiel Hammett (Frederic Forest), who early in his career is involved in a complex mystery that will profoundly influence his later works. While hacking away for pulp magazines, Hammett is asked by Jimmy Ryan (Peter Boyle), his old boss at the Pinkerton agency (and the model for the writer's "Continental Op" character), to help out on a particularly difficult case. Before long, Hammett is prowling the nooks and crannies of San Francisco in search of a missing Chinese prostitute-blackmailer (Lydia Lei). Among the several delectable "inside jokes" in Hammett is the presence of Elisha Cook, who'd appeared in the 1941 cinemadaptation of Hammett's Maltese Falcon, as Eli the Cab Driver. Cinematographers Philip H. Lathrop and Joseph Biroc work overtime to invest Hammett with the "feel" of a classic 1940s detective yarn. 1982
Track Listing
01. John Barry - Main Titles
02. John Barry - Hammett's Dream
03. John Barry - Chinatown Incident
04. John Barry - Wild Pipa
05. John Barry - You Can't Forget Her / Don't Be A Chump, Let Her Go!
06. John Barry - Hide And Seek
07. John Barry - The Opium Den / Escape From Fongs
08. John Barry - Waterfront Rendezvous
09. John Barry - The Wrap Up / Finale
10. John Barry - End Credits
11. John Barry - Potted Palms (Source Music)
12. John Barry - Gumshoe Piano (Source Music)
13. John Barry - co_kie's Speakeasy (Source Music)
14. John Barry - Look For Me At Fong's (Source Music)
15. John Barry - Shoeshine Blues (Source Music)
16. John Barry - Do You Like Bad Girls? (Source Music)
17. John Barry - Dixieland Tune (Source Music)
18. John Barry - Last Call (Source Music)