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Halloween II - Expanded Score - Limited Edition - John Carpenter

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The film's score is a variation of John CarpenterÕs compositions for the first HALLOWEEN, particularly the main theme's familiar piano melody played in a 5/4 time rhythm. This time, the score was performed on synthesizer organs rather than on piano. For this special 30th Anniversary Edition of HALLOWEEN II, the original 1981 album presentation is included, newly remastered. In addition, a special suite of seven tracks has been prepared, consisting of the entire film score sequenced in chronological order and including previously unreleased music. In addition, Alan Howarth has contributed exclusive notes for the booklet.
Track Listing
1. Halloween II Theme 4:30
2. LaurieÕs Theme 2:54
3. He KnowÕs where She Is 1:08
4. Laurie and Jimmy 3:03
5. Still He Kills 4:32
6. The Shape Enters LaurieÕs Room 1:35
7. Mrs. Alves 1:45
8. Flats in the Parking Lot 1:27
9. MichaelÕs Sister? 3:05
10. The Shape Stalks Again 3:04
11. Operation Room 1:50
12. Mr. Sandman 2:22
13. Halloween II Suite A 10:05
14. Halloween II Suite B 5:04
15. Halloween II Suite C 6:34
16. Halloween II Suite D 3:34
17. Halloween II Suite E 8:08
18. Halloween II Suite F 5:10
Total Running Time: 70:28