Halloween 5 – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Autographed By Alan Howarth


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Alan Howarth, in addition to being a composer, is an accomplished sound designer and editor, having worked on films such as STAR TREK: THE MOTION  PICTURE, POLTERGEIST, TOTAL RECALL, ARMY OF DARKNESS, BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, STARGATE and many others. He has been a frequent music collaborator with John Carpenter on his films beginning with ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK in 1980 and including HALLOWEEN II & III, CHRISTINE, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, THEY LIVE and PRINCE OF DARKNESS and Alan has scored many films on his own, including THE LOST EMPIRE, RETRIBUTION, HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, THE DENTIST, HEADLESS, BOO! And, most recently, EVILUTION and BASEMENT JACK.
For this new expanded release of HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS, the composer returned to the original multi-track masters and transferred them directly into Pro Tools, allowing him to create all new digital mixes. The music has been newly remastered and contains previously unreleased music. Also included is the original album presentation, newly remastered. The booklet includes exclusive in-depth liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer.
Track Listing
2013 MIXES
1. Halloween 5:
The Revenge of Michael Myers (4:32)
2. The Shape Rises Again (2:46)
3. The Child of Evil Must Die (3:21)
4. Victim #1 (2:34)
5. Stranger Things (2:55)
6. Tower Farm Murders (4:51)
7. The Raging Must Stop (4:39)
8. Trapped In The Shaft (3:14)
9. Attic Reveal (5:20)
10. Evil Jail Break (2:33)
11. Halloween Final Revenge (3:18)
12. The Revenge (4:33)
13. The Shape Also Rises (2:52)
14. The Evil Child Must Die (2:15)
15. First Victim (2:24)
16. A Stranger In The House (3:37)
17. Tower Farm (4:23)
18. Stop The Rage (3:39)
19. Trapped (3:22)
20. The Attic (5:29)
21. Jailbreak (2:24)
22. Halloween Finale (3:15)
Total Time: 79:10

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