Goldfinger - Expanded Score - John Barry

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Expanded edition of the classic James Bond entry from 1964, Goldfinger composed by John Barry. This fully remastered CD contains the entire score including 3 page booklet detailing the movie and composer John Barry.
Track Listing
01. Main title - Goldfinger Vocals by Shirley Bassey
02. Into Miami
03. Alpine Drive - Auric's Factory
04. Oddjob's Pressing Engagement
05. Bond Back In Action Again
06. Teasing The Korean
07. Gassing The Gangsters
08. Goldfinger (Instrumental version)
09. Dawn Raid On Fort Knox
10. The Arrival of the Bomb and Count Down
11. The Death of Goldfinger - End Titles
12. Golden Girl
13. Death of Tilley
14. The Laser Beam
15. Pussy Galore's Flying Circus