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Golden Axe I + II - Original Game Scores - Various

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For our seventh release in partnership with SEGA of Japan, we are delighted to bring together the complete music from the classic Mega Drive games, Golden Axe (1989) and Golden Axe II (1991), in one special package. This release features the unforgettable artwork from both games, supplied on two thick lithographic prints, with the record itself pressed on heavyweight classic black vinyl. The outer sleeve features rare artwork from the 1989 Japanese edition, sourced from the SEGA archives and presented on 425gsm cardstock with gold flood printing. As always, the audio has been carefully restored and mastered using the original console as the source, ensuring these memorable soundtracks are preserved for many quests to come!

Track Listing

Golden Axe I
A1. The Battle /
A2. Wilderness /
A3. Battlefield /
A4. ThiefÕs Theme /
A5. Old Map /
A6. Turtle Village I /
A7. FiendÕs Path /
A8. Turtle Village II /
A9. Death Adder /
A10. Showdown /
A11. Conclusion /
A12. Sutakora, Sassa! /
A13. Game Over

Golden Axe II
B1. Character Select /
B2. Ravaged Village /
B3. Boss /
B4. Magician Stage /
B5. Crystal /
B6. Ancient Ruins /
B7. EnemyÕs Headquarters /
B8. DragonÕs Throat /
B9. Boss /
B10. The Castle Gate /
B11. Castle of Dark Guld /
B12. Death Adder II /
B13. All Clear /
B14. Staff Roll /
B15. Result /
B16. Game Over