Going Ape - Complete Score - Elmer Bernstein

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First-ever release of rowdy, playful Elmer Bernstein soundtrack to Jeremy Joe Kronsberg picture with Tony Danza, Danny DeVito, Jessica Walter... plus Bobby Berousek's Orang-utans. Every composer does something just for fun; this was Bernstein's foray. Kronsberg had ample experience with orange-furred simians, having featured one in his scripts for Clint Eastwood's highly successful Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can brawler comedies. This time Kronsberg had three to work with! Circus, zoo backgrounds inspired Bernstein to fashion comic score with one foot in circus locale, other foot in zany jazz-come-rock territory. Bouncing, energetic main theme anchors while pulsating songs, vibrant instrumentals get spotlight. Bernstein even finds time to write in his trademark vernacular with moments both gentle, rousing. However, comedy stays name of the game. Score presented in dynamic stereo from 2" 24-track masters stored in pristine condition in Paramount vaults. Project supervised by Lukas Kendall, liner notes by Jeff Bond.
Track Listing
01. CircusÑLove Max (2:38)
02. Meet the Apes (2:11)
03. It AinÕt WhoÕs Right, ItÕs WhatÕs Right (2:16)
04. Conspirators (2:08)
05. Suddenly (4:05)
06. Duck Soup (3:32)
07. Grim Brother Grimm (3:40)
08. Cyrano (1:32)
09. Bittersweet (2:31)
10. GurneyÑZelda (1:57)
11. Gas (2:38)
12. KidnapÑEscape (1:54)
13. Chase Is On (6:59)
14. To Hospital (2:38)
15. End Shot (2:19)
16. Rescue (2:42)
17. One Way Street (2:12)
     Total Score Time: 48:24

The Extras
18. Circus (1:11)
19. From Beyond (0:53)
20. Meet the Apes (1:49)
21. It AinÕt WhoÕs Right, ItÕs WhatÕs Right (instrumental) (2:16)
22. Chicken Soup? (1:12)
23. Grim Brother Grimm (alternate vocal) (3:39)
24. Meet the Apes (1:16)
25. Bittersweet (instrumental) (2:45)
26. Love Theme From The Godfather (Nino Rota) (2:40)
27. To Hospital (1:30)
28. One Way Street (instrumental) (1:41)
29. It AinÕt WhoÕs Right, ItÕs WhatÕs Right (short version) (1:11)
30. Grim Brother Grimm (alternate vocal, short version) (2:30)
31. Love Theme From The Godfather (accordion) (Nino Rota) (2:40)
32. One Way Street (short version) (0:30)
     Total Extras Time: 28:08