Godzilla – 2 x CD Complete Score – Limited Edition – Alexandre Desplat

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Alexandre Desplat
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Alexandre Desplat`s stunning score to the hit 2014 movie, Godzilla. Directed by Gareth Edwards, this was a follow on from the 1998 Godzilla movie but with a different story and superior visual effects. David Arnold composed the 98 score and here Desplat composing his first monster movie did an incredible job with a simply outstanding main title reviling arnolds score. Film composer Alexandre Desplat was hired to compose an original soundtrack for Godzilla. Desplat had not composed previously for a monster film, having worked on movies such as The King’s Speech, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the final two Harry Potter films. Desplat accepted the contract after being impressed with Edwards’ film Monsters. Desplat describes the soundtrack for Godzilla as “non-stop fortissimo, with lots of brass, Japanese drums, and electric violin.”. This complete edition now encompasses the entire score to its full glory. Stunning.

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Track Listing
01 Prologue
02 Opening Titles
03 Mine / Janjira
04 Drive to Plant / Meltdown
05 Sandra’s Death
06 Tokyo
07 Q Zone
08 Arrested
09 Back to Janjira
10 Interrogation_Happening Again / Kill It
11 Muto Hatch
12 Copter to Saratoga
13 Serizawa’s Story & Monorail
14 Missing Spore
15 Jungle Blast
16 The Wave
17 Muto Airport
18 Kid Reunited / Saratoga / Yucca Mountain
19 Vegas Aftermath / A Female
20 Ford Catches Train / Sphere of Influence / CDC Train / Analog Timer
21 Trestle Bridge
22 Full Muto Rising
23 Ford on the Banks / Still Busses on Bridge
24 Golden Gate Chaos
25 Muto Grabs Bomb
26 Halo Plan
27 Whatever It Takes / Let Them Fight
28 Halo Prayer
29 Chinatown / Egg Laying / Faceoff
30 Halo Jump
31 Crosstown Race / Entering the Nest
32 2 Against 1 / Bomb to Boat / Blow the Nest
33 Male Muto’s Demise
34 Weary Zilla
35 Ford’s Run / Cornered / Last Shot
36 Ford Collapses / Rescue
37 Aftermath / The King is Dead / Resurrection
38 End Credits
39 A Female (Alternate)
40 Bomb to Boat (Alternate Insert)
Total Disc Time: 115:40
8 Pages Booklet

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