Gladiator - 2 x CD Complete Score - Anniversary Edition - Hans Zimmer

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Presenting the  The 2 CD Anniversary Edition of Hans Zimmer's score to Gladiator. Back in the Golden Age of the Hollywood epic, composer Mikl‚Äîs R‚Äîzsa lavished much scholarly research on his scores for Quo Vadis (1951), Ben-Hur (1959), El Cid (1961) and others, gracing those movies with music that had as its wellspring authentic (or at least authentic-sounding) melodies from the period. For Ridley Scott's revival of the Roman epic, Gladiator, Hans Zimmer eschews such learned academia in favour of his own more contemporary, wall-of-sound approach (honed to perfection on movies like Tony Scott's Crimson Tide). In truth, no one is quite sure what Roman music sounded like, and Zimmer's unscholarly rock music background is temperamentally better suited to Scott's all-action movie anyway.

Track Listing

Disc One
The Wheat
The Battle
To Zucchabar
The Emperor is Dead
The Might Of Rome
Strength and Honour
Slaves To Rome
Barbarian Horde
Am I Not Merciful?
Honor Him
Now We Are Free

Disc Two
Duduk Of The North
Now We Are Free (Juba's Mix)
The Protector Of Rome (Feat. Russell Crowe As Maximus And Richard Harris As Marcus Aurelius)
Homecoming (Feat. Joaquin Phoenix As Commodus And Russell Crowe)
The General Who Became A Slave
The Slave Who Became A Gladiator (Feat. Oliver Reed As Proximo And Russell Crowe)
Rome Is The Light
All That Remains
Maximus (Guitar By Heitor Pereira)
Marikesh Marketplace
The Gladiator Waltz (Feat. Russell Crowe) (Original Synth Demo Version By Hans Zimmer
Figurines (Yan Ching By Lisa Gerrard)
The Mob
Busy Little Bee (Feat. Connie Nielsen As Lucilla And Russell Crowe)
Death Smiles At Us All (Featuring Russell Crowe And Joaquin Phoenix)
Not Yet (Featuring Djimon Hounsou As Juba)
Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix) (Mixed By Jorio)