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GHOULIES IV centers around a retired occultist turned police officer named Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) whose ex-lover Alexandria (Stacie Randall) summons creatures from the netherworld to hunt down a powerful amulet that will set Faust the demon ruler free upon the world. Meanwhile, two ghoulies waddle through an open porthole onto the streets of Los Angeles dishing out mayhem and madness as they search for a way home.
The electronic score for GHOULIES IV employs an arsenal of scoring techniques Cirino initially explored on CHOPPING MALL. It’s chock-full of frenetic sixteenth-note synth licks, regurgitating melodies, bizarre synth soundscapes, punctuations of synth slap bass, and a litany of pulsating percussion.
Track Listing
1. Cinetel Films Logo/
Alexandra Summons Faust/
Ghoulies Arrive/Main Titles (6:14)
2. Convenience Store Robbery/Shootout (2:42)
3. Alexandra Summons Faust Again (2:35)
4. Kate and Johnny toWarehouse Crime Scene (4:26)
5. Alexandra Seduces Scotty (2:07)
6. Jeanine Steals Johnny’s Jewel (1:34)
7. Faust Takes Control/Hell Pays (1:36)
(Vocal & Lyrics: Alexa Anastasia)
8. Alexandra Sets Trap (4:11)
9. Johnny Enters Warehouse (4:22)
10. Alexandria Into Johnny’s Apartment (5:25)
11. Ghoulies Hitch a Ride in the Truck (1:29)
12. Alexandra Kidnaps Jeanine (3:00)
13. The Ritual Begins/Johnny Fights Bongo (4:32)
14. The Final Battle (Faust Banished) (6:21)
15. Johnny and Kate Kiss (1:21)
16. Ghoulies Steal the Jewel/End Cast (2:41)
17. Ghoulies IV End Credits (3:23)
Total Time: 58:40

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