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Ghoulies 2 - Blu-Ray - (Uncut) - Special Edition - Albert Band

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The Ghoulies are back and more devilish than ever, as they turn an unsuspecting carnival into a house of pandemonium in this wildly outrageous sequel to the original smash hit to ÒGhouliesÓ!
ÒSatanÕs DenÓ has received its final warning; either the not-so-creepy House of Horrors spooks-up its act and scares some customers fast or its gateway to hell will be closed for eternity. Just when Larry Prentice (Damon Martin) and his uncle Ned (Royal Dano) think thereÕs not a ghost of a chance that theyÕll save their show, they get some uninvited visitors to spice things up.
The Ghoulies makes ÒSatanÕs DenÓ their home and profits soar as the demonic little creatures wreak havoc on the helpless fairgrounds. So take a ride on the Ghoulie-Go-Round and play some Bumper Ghoulies Ð enjoy yourself because the Ghoulies will always get you in the end!