Ghosthouse - Complete Score - (Black Vinyl) - Piero Montanari

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* 180 gram Black Vinyl * First time the score has been available on vinyl  * Audio pulled from original master tapes * Liner notes by Montanari and Lenzi * Gatefold packaging by Stoughton
The score to the 1988 cult classic Italian horror film by Umberto Lenzi, Ghosthouse. Visions of a deceased girl and her doll bring doom to the visitors of a deserted house.

Track Listing

Side A
A1 Ghost N. 1
A2 House N. 1
A3 Nenia Suspense
A4 House N. 2
A5 Ghost N. 2
A6 House N. 3
A7 Fish Dreams
A8 Party House
A9 Ghost Fear
A10 Nice To Meet

Side B
B11 Locked Up
B12 Electrosound N. 1
B13 Ghost N. 3
B14 House N. 3
B15 Electrosound N. 2
B16 Ghost N. 3
B17 Black And Red
B18 Ghost End