Funeral Home - Expanded Score - Jerry Fielding

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An important world premiere! Jerry Fielding's final film score makes it to CD! In his lone foray into literal mad killer horror, Fielding wrote a superb score combining elements of his most brittle, intense writing - especially for strings - with his unique sense of atonal brass outbursts of violence. Along with complex piano and percussion writing, the full score is a magnificent coda to a superb, uncompromising composer's career. Our CD features every note of music Fielding recorded, including sequences intended for but deleted from the final production. The album was prepared from the actual 2" 24-track session masters stored in superb condition by the Canada film licensors. Recorded under jurisdiction of the Canadian Musician's Union, our production costs are considerably higher than normal. What we have here is literally a labor of love. What you'll get in return for the higher retail price is Fielding's final work in sensational stereo audio, including all of his source cues for organ and brass. Jerry Fielding conducts. SOLD OUT
Track Listing
The Album
01. Main Title 2:50
02. The Cat 0:54
03. Heather's Arrival 1:05
04. Home Sweet Home 1:10
05. Whispering Corridors 2:20
06. You Like The Way I Look 3:34
07. Going, Goingƒ Gone 2:15
08. Mysteries Of The Dark 0:37
09. Animal Magnetism 2:33
10. Garage Discovery 0:42
11. The Lure 1:21
12. Home, Not So Sweet Home 2:24
13. Voices In The Basement 4:52
14. Vicious Gossip 1:57
15. Davis Whacked 3:42
16. Water Rescue 1:00
17. Billy's Demise 4:46
18. Coffin Ready 2:04
19. Grandma Unhinged 2:20
20. Meet Mr. Chalmers 1:01
21. Finish 2:46
Total Album Time 45:55
The Extras
22 Not Quite Country 3:30
23. Just The Old Car Radio 2:05
24. Brass Ensemble 1:10
25. Rock Of Ages - Brass 2:11
26. Rock Of Ages - Organ 2:00
27. Wild Pump Organ 1:28
28. Rock Of Ages - Pump Organ 1:18
Total Extras Time 13:48