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From Russia With Love - Original Score - (Black Vinyl) - John Barry

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The vinyl edition of the classic James Bond entry from 1963, From Russia With Love, composed by John Barry. This fully remastered LP contains the original score including the original artwork. Includes download mp3 code.

Track Listing

Side A
01 Ð James Bond is Back /From Russia With Love/James Bond Theme
02 Ð Tania Meets Klebb
03 Ð Meeting in St. Sophia
04 Ð The Golden Horn
05 Ð Girl Trouble
06 Ð Bond meets Tania
07 Ð 007
08 Ð Gypsy Camp
09 Ð Death of Grant

Side B
10 Ð From Russia With Love
11 Ð SPECTRE Island
12 Ð Guitar Lament
13 Ð Man OverboardÑSMERSH in action
14 Ð James Bond With Bongos
15 Ð Stalking
16 Ð Leila Dances
17 Ð Death of Kerim
18 - 007 Takes The Lektor