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Frizzi 2 Fulci - 2 x LP Complete Concert - (Gatefold Black Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Fabio Frizzi

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WeÕre thrilled to be releasing a double live LP of Fabio FrizziÕs tribute to horror legend Lucio Fulci. Recorded in a church, on Halloween, to celebrate the Maestro's first ever UK performance. This record features suites from all of FulciÕs classic films including The Beyond, City Of The Living Dead, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Contraband and many more!


Side A
01. Bunny love song
02. Silver Saddle
03. Chaco
04. Baby sequence 1
05. Baby sequence 2
06. Baby sequence 5      
07. Baby sequence 3
08. Sette note in nero

Side B
09. Zombi 2
10. MovinÕ on
11. Let us pray
12. Was it all in vain
13. With you
14. Silver Saddle

Side C
15. Paura nella cittÀÜ dei morti viventi
16. Rusty Games
17. The weeping woman
18. Luca il contrabbandiere

Side D
19. Un gatto nel cervello
20. Amarcord
21. Suono Aperto
22. Oltre la soglia
23. Verso l√ïignoto 
24. Voci dal nulla

2XLP housed inside of a 425gsm Gatefold Jacket