Friday the 13th Part 2 The Ultimate Cut – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Harry Manfredini

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Harry Manfredini
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La-La Land Records presents an all-new restored, remixed, remastered and expanded “ULTIMATE” stereo presentation of renowned composer Harry Manfredini’s original motion picture score to the 1981 feature film FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2, starring Amy Steel and directed by Steve Miner.
In 2021, the discovery of original FRIDAY score elements culminated in La-La Land’s “Ultimate” restoration of the first film’s music. Now the label follows that acclaimed release with FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2: THE ULTIMATE CUT, the newly restored, remixed and expanded presentation of composer Harry Manfredini’s (F13 PARTS 1,2,3,4,5,6, 9, 10, HOUSE, DEEPSTAR SIX), iconic score to the famed horror franchise’s first sequel. Engineer Jerry Lambert, under supervision of Manfredini, has again restored and remixed the music with results nothing short of astounding! The score is richer, bolder and as unstoppable as Jason himself! Included in this deluxe assembly is music NEVER-before-heard-or-released!
Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Brian Satterwhite, mixed by Jerry Lambert, and mastered by James Nelson, this special CD release features exclusive liner notes by Satterwhite that provide a detailed track-by-track breakdown along with an in-depth examination of the release’s restoration and remix process. The art direction is by Goldwasser and the original cover art is by Scott Saslow. A must-have for all FRIDAY fans and film score enthusiasts!
1. The Dream 5:36 2. Alice Hangs Up 1:58 3. Keep a Cool Head / Main Title** 2:35 4. Prowler in the Woods** 0:49 5. Ginny Gets Followed*† 0:38 6. Ralph Gets Cursed** 1:44 7. Looking for Muffin**† 1:01 8. Jeff and Sandy Sneak Off to Camp Blood 0:55 9. The Chase / The Sheriff Visits Villa Jason**† 2:08 10. Terry in the Lake / Scott’s Out / Terry Finds Scott 2:46 11. Vickie Gets Ready / Mark Meets Jason**† 2:12 12. Jeff and Sandy Get a Visit from Guess Who?** 1:16 13. Vickie Visits Jeff, Sandy, and You Know Who** 1:35 14. Paul and Ginny Meet Jason 3:49 15. Ragtop, Running Ragged / Ginny Under Bed** 3:38 16. Chairman of the Boards** 0:52 17. Ginny Pays a Visit to Chez Jason 5:33 18. Who’s at the Door? / Jason Pops In **† 2:01 19. Return to Chez Jason 0:37
BONUS TRACKS 20. The Dream Bed (Complete)* 1:06 21. Ralph Gets Cursed (w/o Flanger)* 1:11 22. Rock + Roll Source #1 (Mono)** 3:36 23. Rock + Roll Source #2 (Mono)* 4:21 24. Rock + Roll Source #3 (Mono)* 4:38 25. Harmonica Source**† 2:11 26. Random Dissolves* 1:02 27. Random Dissolves (no Brass, Mono)* 1:22 28. Title Buttons (Mono)* 0:24 TOTAL ALBUM TIME: 62:30
* previously unreleased ** contains previously unreleased material † not used in film

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