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Friday The 13th - Complete Score - Red Vinyl - Limited 1000 Copies - Harry Manfredini

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Music By Harry Manfredini
Limited Edition
The classic & iconic score to the 1980 slasher thats started it all! Friday The 13th. Regarded as a modern classic, utilising many advanced make up effects and effective killing methods, this went on to produce multiple sequels. This score was THE stamp on such a huge franchise, Manfredini's score perfectly adds horror, suspense & drama in such a minimalistic way like no other.
Track Listing
1. Overlay of Evil / Main Title
2. Banjo TravelinÕ
3. Alice Goes To the Lake
4. Back Up to Annie Alone
5. Mrs. V Watches
6. Ralph In The Pantry
7. DonÕt Smoke In Bed
8. Not Tonight, IÕve Got A Headache
9. Brenda In Lights
10. The Bed Axe
11. Alice Runs To Cabin
12. Mrs. V Comes Clean
13. Alice Run To Light
14. The Last Fight / The Chop To The End
15. The Boat On The Water / Closing Theme 1 / Jason In The Lake
16. Closing Theme
17. Sail Away Tiny Sparrow