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Freud - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Jerry Goldsmith

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An utterly brilliant score, Freud gave Goldsmith the opportunity to psychologically probe the human mind.  He merged his own musical style with the Vienna school of Berg, Webern and Schoenberg to produce an agitated and thoroughly captivating work.  Without question, this is one of the most important scores of Jerry Goldsmith√ïs career. There were even cues from this score which found their way (much to Goldsmith√ïs chagrin) into Ridley Scott√ïs 1979 classic Alien.
Freud follows the career of the famous doctor (Montgomery Clift) as he leaves his work in Vienna to study hypnotherapy in Paris with Professor Charcot (Fernand Ledoux).  After marrying (Susan Kohner) he goes to work with Dr. Joseph Breur (Larry Parks) to treat a young woman (Susannah York) and a young man (David McCallum) whose neuroses form the basis of Freud√ïs major theories and lead him to focus on analysis in place of hypnosis.Now expanded from its original LP release, Freud comes to CD for the very first time.
Track Listing
01. Main Title (3:20)
02. Meynert's Tour (1:09)
03. Charcot's Show (5:11)
04. Thirsty Girl (1:22)
05. Case Histories (2:13)
06. Desperate Case (3:28)
07. Meynert's Request (3:33)
08. The Brothel (5:09)
09. The Funeral (0:45)
10. Cecily And The Dancer (3:03)
11. Cecily's Dream (1:09)
12. The First Step (2:12)
13. Red Tower Street (1:27)
14. The Failure (1:48)
15. Freud's Trauma (3:19)
16. Return To Red Tower (3:15)
17. Freud's Awakening (1:55)
18. End Title (2:13)