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Directed by Hong Kong action director Ronnie Yu, score duties for this showdown went to veteran composer Graeme Revell, who scored Yu’s previous film BRIDE OF CHUCKY. With FREDDY VS. JASON, Graeme Revell had big shoes to fill. The Elm Street series had featured scores by such prominent composers as Christopher Young, Angelo Badalamenti, Craig Safan and Brian May, and Charles Bernstein’s themes for the original 1984 film had become iconic amongst the franchise’s fans.
Likewise, upon the release of the first Friday the 13th film, Harry Manfredini’s hallmark “Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma” vocal motif quickly made his score one of the most recognizable in all of horror, if not cinema in general. So, taking on a project combining two of the film industry’s longest-running franchises with such rich musical histories was no easy feat.
Revell rose to the challenge with a score that manages to feel familiar without ever relying on the work of previous composers to do the heavy lifting. His musical nods to earlier films are brief but very effective. Though heavily weighted in the world of classical music, Revell’s score for Freddy vs. Jason, like much of his other work, is a progressive hybrid of eclectic sounds, instruments, and styles. It features lush orchestral pieces, as well as horror staples like screeching strings and atmospheric drones.
Revell frequently builds tension and intensity by incorporating digital samples and rigorous EDM and Industrial rhythm beds. He even managed to slip in some blues and heavy metal guitar. It is a powerful and effective musical work created by an exceptionally imaginative composer for one of the most anticipated horror films of all time.
Now, finally making its long-awaited debut on vinyl, it is a worthwhile treat for all horror lovers, soundtrack collectors, and vinyl heads alike.
Track Listing
Side A
1. The Legend
2. The House On Elm Street
3. Girl With No Eyes
4. The Psych Ward
5. Gibb Meets Freddy
6. Will’s Story
7. French Kiss
8. The Control Room
9. Jason’s Surprise Attack
10. Jason’s First Dream
Side B
11. Stoner Creature
12. Freddy’s Dream World
13. Jason Unmasked
14. In The Library
15. Freddy Gets Young Jason
16. Wake Up Lori
17. Freddy In The Real World
18. Fight On The Dock
19. Freddy Expires
20. Is It Ever Over?ght

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