Fraulein Doktor - Expanded Score - Bruno Nicolai

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Intermezzo Media is proud to present for the first time an important missing piece of the vast discography ofEnnio Morricone: FRAULEIN DOKTOR, the Original and Complete Soundtrack Album, Limited 1500 Edition. The 1968 movie is about World War I, and directed by Alberto Lattuada, starring Suzy Kendall, KennethMore, Capucine, James Booth and Giancarlo Giannini. Since the very day of its release FRAULEIN DOKTOR was quite unfortunate. It had problems with the censorship because of the animal abuse scenes, the lesbian love, and the battle scenes harshness, almosthorror. This movie was never released on VHS or DVD, and so it is virtually unobtainable. Morricone wrote an impressively masterpiece of extraordinary musical and emotional value to accompany the Ypres Battle. The listening of this cue while watching the film scene it creates the real violence and terror climate, comparable only to that created by the music written by Prokofiev for the Battle on the Ice scene in the Alexander Nevsky film of Eisenstein. Maybe to balance that disturbing violent climate, Morricone wrote one of his most beautiful and poignant themes of love, which perfectly fits the complex and troubled personality of Fraulein Doktor. This CD album cannot be missed. Because it shows the multifaceted mastery of Maestro Morricone. De-Luxe booklet with 16 pages of rare archive photos and memorabilia. Orchestra conducted by: Bruno Nicolai.
Track Listing
01. Opening Titles (02:26)
02. Disembarking From The Submarine (01:08)
03. FrŠulein Doktor On Board The Ship (00:44)
04. FrŠulein Doktor At The Hotel (02:22)
05. The Watchmaker (01:54)
06. The Sinking Of The Hampshire (02:23)
07. FrŠulein Doktor And Dr. Saforet (02:21)
08. Lesbian Love Scene (02:40)
09. Berlin: At The Restaurant (01:38)
10. Champagne And Morphine (01:27)
11. Reception At The Embassy (01:41)
12. The Safe And The Map (01:08)
13. Ruppert Escape (02:03)
14. The Poison Gas Battle At Ypres (08:40)
15. FrŠulein Doktor Insanity And End Titles (03:03)