Force 10 From Navarone - Complete Score - Ron Goodwin

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Force 10 From Navarone (1978) was a long-after-the-fact sequel to the 1961 blockbuster The Guns of Navarone, and an attempt to resurrect the "Boys Own" war adventure genre for the modern-day Star Wars era. The film featured an assortment of internationally known starsÑHarrison Ford, Robert Shaw, Carl Weathers, Edward Fox, Richard Kiel and Barbara BachÑin an "impossible mission behind enemy lines" directed by 007 veteran Guy Hamilton.
Scoring Force 10 From Navarone was the man most identified with the British war genre: Ron Goodwin, who had excelled in similar films from the 1960s, such as 633 Squadron, Operation Crossbow, Where Eagles Dare and Submarine X-1 (all released by FSM). The composer was beloved for his ability to capture these stories' sense of stiff-upper-lip patriotism, bare-knuckles action and riveting suspense.
Though he had not scored a war film since 1969's Battle of Britain, Goodwin picked up exactly where he left off and gave Force 10 From Navarone a rousing main title march, colorful action cues, and undulating, nervous textures that heightened each sequence of enemy infiltration and shocking revelation of secret identity.
This premiere release of the soundtrack to Force 10 From Navarone features the complete score in excellent sound quality as mastered from 1/4' stereo tapes in the late composer's personal collection. Liner notes are by Jeff Bond and Lukas Kendall.

Track Listing
Prologue 1:18
Main Title 1:54
Fight 1:53
Take-Off/In Yugoslavia 4:25
Hiding 3:05
Morning/Met Comrades 1:36
Arrival/Surprise 1:10
Kill Them 1:20
Where Is It/Being Followed/Here We Go Again 3:28
Captured 1:22
Not Dead/The Escape Begins 5:07
It Worked/How to Blow It Up/Explosion 1:06
She's Dead/You Need Me/The Tank 1:46
Trapped 2:51
He's a Spy 2:13
A Little Diversion/Come On, Blackie 3:11
Setting the Charge/Out of Time 4:21
You Did It 1:45
Down Bridge 3:07
End Credits 3:15
Total Time: 51:00