First Born / Childs Play - Complete Score - Michael Small

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Premiere release of original soundtracks by Michael Small to pair of dramatic Paramount films. First up is intense, pulsating 1972 score from Sidney Lumet thriller Child's Play, starring James Mason, Robert Preston, Beau Bridges. Tale of gym teacher at Catholic boy's school at odds with other staff, finding himself amidst culture of violence, mysterious happenings inspires composer to create unassuming choral theme to anchor. As listener heads down quasi-religious path, composer then turns everything upside down with slashing, dissonant music for strings that unsettles, tears at the soul. Both styles of music compete throughout with edge going to aggressive, dissonant material. Second score plays under 1984 dramatics of First Born, directed by Michael Apted, starring Peter Weller, Christopher Collet, Teri Garr. Young actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey, Jr. also feature. Modest family-setting is broken into intense world of drugs, violence when Teri Garr allows boyfriend Weller to move in, disrupting lives of her two sons (Collet, Corey Haim). Small anchors with meld of hip, youth flavor of the eighties and warm piano melody, then brings in dissonant electonic ideas as true character of violent Weller character unfolds. As sons finally fight back, Small joins forces with them, brings in dynamic orchestral material for powerful finish. Interestingly, Small roots much of score in his signature thriller mode by recording orchestral music straight, then adding layer of unstable electronic shadings to keep music slightly off pitch. Unusual musical approach to drama is notable. CD also features several alternates. Both scores presented in stereo from original vault elements housed at Paramount Pictures. Michael Small conducts.
Track Listing
01. Prologue (1:31)
02. Main Title (0:46)
03. Evil Eye (0:30)
04. ReeseÕs Old Class (1:32)
05. Theme From ChildÕs Play (2:06)
06. Gym Ceremony (2:5)
07. Hospital (1:41)
08. Chapel (2:53)
09. Masses Cancelled (0:58)
10. Smell of Brimstone (2:43)
11. The Boys Are Here (1:00)
12. Calling All the Boys (2:13)
13. Devil, Devil (1:00)
14. MalleyÕs Suicide (2:21)
15. Class at Night (2:57)
16. Dobbs Enters Chapel (1:08)
17. Dobbs Gets It (1:57)
18. Alternate Ending (2:02)
19. End Credits (1:06)
Total Time: 34:00
20. Finale (original version) (2:56)
21. Hug/Hug (alternate)/Wendy Waves/Dad and Wendy Talk/Dad Announces (1:53)
22. After Dinner With Dad/Picnic/Slingshot (3:19)
23. Discovers Drugs (2:33)
24. SamÕs Friend/Sam Leaves 1:33)
25. Dad on Phone/Brian Wants to Leave Wendy (2:22)
26. Ride to Hideaway (2:17)
27. Jeep Chase/On Foot/Closes Windows/Forces Jake (7:55)
28. No Pain No Gain (1:05)
29. Fight (original version) (1:39)
30. Fight (revised) (1:49)
31. Finale (revised) (2:57)
32. Ride to Hideaway/Tag Ending (End Credits) (1:35)

Total Time: 34:20