Fantastic Voyage - Expanded Score - Leonard Rosenman

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Never previously available in any form, the original Fantastic Voyage score has been completely remixed in stereo from the original 35mm magnetic film elements, and the album opens with the distinctive suite of sound effects from the 20th Century Fox library which serves as the movie's main title.
The 16-page color booklet includes an introduction by Leonard Rosenman, rare photos from the 20th Century Fox archives, and production notes and track-by-track descriptions by Jeff Bond. SOLD OUT
Track Listing
Main Title Sound Effects Suite 1:41
The Proteus 5:56
The Chart 5:30
Pulmonary Artery 5:35
Group Leaves 2:49
Pleural Cavity 0:17
Proteus Moving Through Sac 4:52
Channel to Ear 2:40
Cora Trapped 4:12
Proteus in Inner Ear 0:44
The Human Brain 1:52
Get the Laser 7:20
Optic Nerve/End Cast 3:36
Total Time: 47:28