Fandango - Complete Score - Alan Silvestri

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At last! Early-ish Alan Silvestri score for Kevin Reynolds drama with Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson gets world premiere release on CD! Moving film is part road trip tale, part coming of age drama, part story about friendship, loss. Silvestri writes to powerful action, sensitive drama with score that mixes equal parts dynamic orchestral writing, gently moving, intimate ideas. Beautiful solo colors for guitar, piano also make appearance. Fun to hear ideas here that became signatures in subsequent masterpiece BACK TO THE FUTURE (happily also available on Intrada.) Entire score presented in vivid stereo from newly mixed 2" 24-track session masters courtesy Warner Bros. & WaterTower Music. Alan Silvestri conducts
Track Listing
The Album
01. Road Trip 1:41
02. Desert Trek 1:01
03. The Train 2:52
04. Grave Stone 1:31
05. Desert Dream 1:51
06. Fatal Fall 0:27
07. Plane Take-Off 6:12
08. Plane Ride 2:23
09. Desert Walk 5:00
10. Fandango (Piano Solo) 1:56
11. Wedding 3:51
12. Dance 2:22
13. Goodbye Friend 2:1 
     Total Album Time: 33:47

The Extras
14. Spanish Guitar (Duet) 2:01
15. Wild Percussion 0:26
16. Desert Walk [Alternate] 5:01
     Total Extras Time: 7:33