Falling In Love - Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Dave Grusin

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For all of the 1984 trappings, Falling in Love is a throwback to 1940s and 1950s films like Brief Encounter and An Affair to Remember, complete with two stars (Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep), a meet-cute, a budding romance no matter how hard the protagonists try to avoid it (both have settled into routine marriages), and the ins and outs and ups and downs of two people who are, yes, falling in love. At times funny, at times rueful, at times beautifully romantic, at times sad, and at times painful, Falling in Love hits all the right notes and weaves its spell quite effortlessly. And part of what makes it effortless is the incandescent and beautiful score by Dave Grusin.
No one did this type of romantic film better than Dave Grusin. He simply and effectively captures every mood of the film, with several stunningly gorgeous melodies that weave their way throughout the score, along with some classic upbeat Grusin tunes.
As occasionally happens, several wonderful cues went unused in the film, most notably GrusinÕs main title theme, which was replaced with an already existing Grusin piece, ÒMountain DanceÓ (tracked into the film several times). For this world premiere release, weÕre presenting GrusinÕs entire score, including the original main theme and all of the unused cues, exactly as he wrote it, all transferred from the original session masters housed in the Paramount vault.
ItÕs always wonderful to be able to issue a ÒnewÓ Dave Grusin score. His brilliant work has graced any number of classic films since he began Ð his is a distinctive and unique voice in film scoring and Falling in Love is yet another example of his prodigious talents.
Track Listing
1. Main Title
2. Trying to Recall
3. First Encounter
4. Seat Taken?
5. Looks/Lunch?
6. M61*
7. Catch the Train
8. Chinatown*
9. M71*
10. M71A/Wait for Me*
11. First Kiss
12. Waiting
13. Getting Dressed*
14. The Apartment/IÕm Sorry
15. The Funeral
16. No Molly
17. Helpless
18. Decision
19. The Crossing
20. Back to RizzzoliÕs*
21. Almost Too Late
22. Together at Last
23. End Titles
24. Trying to Recall (alternate)
25. Wait for Me (alternate)
26. Decision (alternate)