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Fahrenheit 451 – Complete Score – Limited Edition – Bernard Herrmann

Limited Edition
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Bernard Herrmann
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William Stromberg conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Score restoration by John Morgan, Anna Bonn and William Stromberg. Deluxe 32 page booklet.
In a future totalitarian and oppressive society, where books are forbidden, Guy Montag (Oskar Werner) is a fireman. The mission of firemen in this society with fireproof houses is to burn books at 451 Fahrenheit, the temperature of combustion of paper. Montag is married with Linda (Julie Christie), a futile woman that joins “The Family” through the interactive television. When Montag meets Clarisse (Julie Christie, in a double role), she questions him if he has never read a book, and Montag becomes curious. He decides to steal and read a book, twisting his view of life. He leaves his former way of life and escapes to “the city of the books” with Clarisse.
TWILIGHT ZONE: WALKING DISTANCE (1959). Martin Sloan (Gig Young), a 36-year-old executive, stops in a fuel station. He’s very confused, behaves in a strange way and makes a lot of noise to get the attention from the employee. Far away is the sight of his native town, Homewood, and he’s very curious about all the kinds of things that shaped his childhood. Martin adventures to take a closer look, and first he goes to an old shop where he used to get a large-sized ice cream. Martin gets surprised to see that the old attendant still runs the place, with old prices. Walking in the streets, Martin meets with a kid, who is his old neighbor. It is then that he finds he’s in 1934, when he was only 15-years-old. Things get complicated when he bumps into the young Martin, follows him to his house and meets with his parents. They won’t believe him when Martin says he’s in fact their grown up son. Later, Martin insists in talking with young Martin. He finds him in a carousel, where the child gets hurt after falling from there and subsequently has a talk with his father. Martin will learn that every man has his own time and is perhaps better off not looking to the past.
Track Listing
Fahrenheit 451
1. Prelude 1:34
2. Fire Station 0:53
3. The Lamp 3:29*
4. Clarisse 1:06
5. Happiness 0:43
6. TV Signals 1:28*
7. Bedtime 2:02*
8. The Boys 1:51
9. Home 0:50
10. Pink and Gold Pills 1:37*
11. Recovery 0:51
12. The Bedroom 1:44
13. The Monorail 1:01
14. The Novel (David Copperfield) 3:03*
15. The Garden 1:22++
16. The Bridge 1:23
17. The Caf≈Ω 0:46
18. The Box 0:57
19. The Corridor 1:23++
20. MontagÕs Books 1:16
21. The Pole 1:08
22. Fire Alarm 1:40*
23. The Books 1:28
24. The Hose 1:34*
25. Flames 1:30*
26. The Basket 1:21
27. The Reading 1:33
28. The Nightmare 2:13*
29. The Skylight 1:28*
30. The Windows 0:37
31. TV Aerials 0:27
32. The Photos 1:08
33. The File 0:50
34. Vertigo 1:06
35. Information 0:52
36. The Vase 2:02
37. The Mirror 0:35
38. Fire Engine 1:11
39. Farewell 0:17
40. Flame Thrower 0:33
41. Flowers of Fire 1:16
42. The CaptainÕs Death 0:53
43. Freedom 1:56*
44. The Railway 1:52*
45. The Road 1:57
46. First Snows of Winter 0:32
47. Finale 2:01

48. Prelude 0:30
49. Memories 2:33
50. The Park 1:44
51. The House 1:27
52. The Parents 1:47
53. MartinÕs Summer 1:07
54. Elegy 3:59
55. Finale 1:14
* includes music cut from the film
++ entire cue cut from film

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