Eye Of The Panther - Complete Score - John Debney

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THE EYE(S) OF THE PANTHER - This film first debuted as an episode of the television anthology "Shelley Duvall's Nightmare Classics." Based on a story written by Ambrose Bierce in 1891, it tells how the spirit of a wild panther plagues a young woman (Daphne Zuniga). Also stars C. Thomas Howell and John Stockwell. 1990
NOT SINCE CASANOVA - Prepski Morris wants to be Peter Pan personified and refuses to act like an adult and make adult commitments--especially romantic ones. This lightweight drama chronicles his exploits. He is first seen as a teenager experience first love, which is overshadowed by an exciting job at an amusement park, Dreamland. As an adult in his thirties, he is involved with several women, most of them sexual stereotypes. Actually they are more interested in him than he is in them. As nice as they are, he would rather sit alone in his apartment and talk to his dream girl, a figment of his imagination. Stars Charles Solomon, Diana Frank and Tomi Griffin. 1988
Track Listing
1. In the Fields/Hunted (3:33)
2. Children in the Wilderness (1:36)
3. A Panther Watches (1:08)
4. The Candle Expires/The Ravaging (3:03)
5. Escape/The Meeting (1:06)
6. Love Grows (1:28)
7. Strange Yearning (1:01)
8. A Feminine Feline (2:18)
9. Love Theme (2:11)
10. Transformation (1:32)
11. A Wolf in her Clothes (1:02)
12. "A Love Beyond Words" (2:03)
13. Beware, She Bites (2:15)
14. Panther Strikes/Resurrection (2:10)
15. Overture (4:50)
16. Dreams (1:16)
17. First Kiss (1:27)
18. Gina, the Dream Girl (1:24)
19. "How to Put It into Words" (2:04)
20. At Sunset (1:08)
21. "Will You Walk With Me?" (3:17)
22. Irish Wedding (1:05)
23. Dreams Fulfilled (1:27)
24. The Carousel of Life (2:15)