Exorcist II - Original Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Ennio Morricone

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Ennio Morricone is among the legends of film music composers. He has sold over fifty million albums worldwide and written music for over 500 movies, television shows and classical recordings over the course of 6 decades. His best known works include five Oscar nominations (as well as a lifetime achievement award) for Days Of Heaven, The Mission, Bugsy, The Untouchables and Malena. This special limited edition print of one of his cherished works, comprises a remastered version with all new sleeves and colour inlays.
Track Listing
1. Regan's Theme (Finale) (2:55)
2. Pazuzu (Theme From Exorcist II) (2:50)
3. Interrupted Melody (2:43)
4. Rite Of Magic (2:35)
5. Little Afro-Flemish Mass (4:31)
6. Great Bird Of The Sky (1:33)
7. Magic And Ecstasy (3:01)
8. Seduction And Magic (1:14)
9. Regan's Theme (Floating Sound) (2:05)
10. Dark Revelation (1:19)
11. Night Flight (5:47)
12. Interrupted Melody (Suspended Melody) (2:55)
13. Exorcism (0:58)