ET The Extra Terrestrial – 2 x CD Complete Score – Special Edition – John Williams


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The magnificent & awe inspiring score to the huge hit from 1982, ET The Extra Terrestrial. John Williams was simply at his peak from the late 70’s to early 80’s and this is truly an example of how incredible skill and understanding of film, is simply sublime. The score demonstrates how Spielberg & Williams manage to provoke emotion effortlessly, never before has a collaboration been so magical in cinema. This is 2CD spanish edition includes the complete score including alternate cues and film versions of the cues. A spectacular score.
Track Listing
Disc One
1. Universal Logo / Main Titles
2. Far From Home / ET Alone
3. Elliot Explores The Cornfield
4. Bait For ET
5. Meeting ET
6. ET’s New Home
7. The Beginning Of A Friendship
8. Toys
9. ET In The Tub
10. I’m Keeping Him
11. ET’s Powers
12. Stuffed Animals
13. ET & Elliot Get Drunk
14. Frogs!
15. Elliot’s First Kiss
16. At Home
17. The Magic Of Halloween
18. Wiring The House / Trick Or Treating


Disc Two
1. It’s Working
2. Give Them Time
3. Searching For ET
4. ET Is Dying
5. Invading Elliot’s House
6. ET & Elliot Are Seperated
7. Losing ET
8. ET Is Alive!
9. Escape Chase / Saying Goodbye (Ver 1)
10. Escape Chase / Saying Goodbye (ver 2)
11. End Credits
12 Abandoned & Pursused (Re Recording)


Bonus Tracks
13. Toys (Film Version)
14. The Magic Of Halloween (Unused Cue)
15. Searching For ET / We’re Dying (Unused Cue)
16. Friendship Segment (Unused)
17. ET & Me
18. Flying
19. Over The Moon

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