Escape to Victory - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Bill Conti

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Oft-requested premiere of original soundtrack to John Huston WWII P.O.W. drama with Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine. Bill Conti anchors with two main melodic ideas: requisite marching theme in best WWII manner plus inspired variant symbolizing quest for freedom subtext. In between are dynamic passages for escape preparations, riveting montage cues for game itself. Tour-de-force highlights: hair-raising French horn lick ascending into stratosphere during "Team Outing", rousing sixteenth-note brass tutti that climaxes "Krauts on a Roll". CD offers complete score in crisp stereo sound courtesy original mixer Dan Wallin, album producer Ford Thaxton, engineer James Nelson. Bill Conti conducts.
Track Listing
1. VICTORY - Main Title 3:27
2. The Team Uniforms 2:11
3. Match's Getaway 2:29
4. The Paris Express 3:29
5. Team Outing 4:13
6. Krauts on a Roll 2:02
7. Don't Leave 2:15
8. Let's Go Guys 4:54
9. Start Kick 1:18
10. Match's Revenge 2:42
11. VICTORY - End Credits 3:39
12. The Team Uniforms (Alternate) 2:12
13. Let's Go Guys (Alternate) 4:54
14. Match's Revenge (Alternate) 2:42